1. Hardware Package

Package 1 (Temperature only):


Package 2 (Temperature and Humidity):


2. Wi-Fi Setup

Plug the sensor cable and USB power cable and power on the monitor. Next you need to setup the Wi-Fi configuration to connect the monitor to the Wi-Fi network of your home router. 2 Step1, Use your smart device's Wi-Fi connection setup, connect to the iMeter's network, which will show up as eMonitor_xxxxxxxx (xxxxxxxx is unique device SN). The password is 12345678.

Step2, Whilst connected to the eMonitor's network, open a web browser and navigate to;

Step3, Connect to your home router by manually input the SSID (your home Wi-Fi networks' SSID) and Key (your home Wi-Fi networks' password) and then click "Save"

Step4, If the Wi-Fi monitor successfully connected to your home router after configuration, its Wi-Fi network will be disappeared. You can find the Wi-Fi monitor in your PC's network, which will be shown up as eMonitor_xxxxxxxx (xxxxxxxx is the unique SN of eMonitor).

For next step, if you will monitor the data on DeviceBit Cloud, please refer to Chapeter 4: Operation on Cloud; if you will upload the data to your own server, please refer to Chapeter 5: Connect to Your Own Server; if you will monitor the data locally via LAN on your PC, please refer to Chapeter 6: Monitor Locally via LAN.

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