1. Introduction

The cloud will send you alerts if the measurement is out of the preset range by emails or WeChat messages.

The following part will introduce how to set Notice Groups, and receive alarms

2. Add A New Contact

  Click on Notice Groups -> Contacts -> New Contact

  Enter the name, Email etc. of this contact and then click on Save.  

Add more contacts in the same way.

Click on View Code to bind your WeChat ID.

Scan it with your WeChat

3. Add A New Group 

Go to Notice Groups -> New Group

Enter the group name, tick the contacts, email addresses, or WeChat ID as needed, and then save.

4. Alert Settings

Go to List, and click on Edit.

Set the normal temperature range for your device and select the notice group, e.g. the Temperature group which is just set.

Then, click on OK and the settings are successfully saved.

After settings, the name of notice group will appear under the item Alarm.

Meanwhile, you will receive the following alarms by WeChat or Email.

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